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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hurrrl | Beauty Crowd | Gerard Cosmetics | Fragrance Direct | Superdrug

Aaand I have returned! I'm so sorry for being gone so long! There's a few reasons for my absence that I won't bore you with but I'm back and will hopefully continue to post regularly!

I'm kicking things off with a beauty haul! I've had various splurges over the past month and thought I'd pull everything together to show you! 

I discovered the site BeautyCrowd this month and couldn't help but get a few things. 

These are single eye shadows from the brand Freedom, I believe they're a relatively new brand and I think I first heard about them watching one of Mikhilas videos (MissBudgetBeauty/Dairy of a Spendaholic). They were only £1 each and look absolutely stunning. I'm planning of posting some swatches once I've opened them. 

This is L.A. Girl Pro HD Setting Powder and I couldn't help using this the minute it arrived! It is a stunning setting powder! It's pure white when you open it and sets makeup without drying out your skin - only downside to this product = once opened it gets everywhere! xD

I also got some new brushes from BeautyCrowd. The top one is a blending brush from Nicka K. The bottom one I like to use together with the L.A Girl powder and its actually a bronzer brush by Fancy Witch. 

Arrgg! These are 'Jaclyn's Babies' from Gerard Cosmetics, I've wanted these for ages! Using Jaclyn's code for Gerard I managed to get these including shipping for less than £18! Left to right is Rose Hill, 1995 and Butter Cream. 

I've heard a few people rave about the One by One Mascara from Maybelline so when I saw it on Fragrance Direct I new I had to nab it while I could. 

I haven't yet tried the Fit Me Foundation but have been looking for a foundation to wear when I've self-tanned. I'm really looking forward to trying this out; I know it's meant to have a dewy finish so fingers crossed this will help to bring some life to my dry skin!

Fragrance Direct have Mac Lipsticks for just under £14! I knew I couldn't have all of them so I settled for CremeCup. It's a lovely subtle pink, perfect for summer!

After searching for a brown based palette in Superdrugs one day, I decided on MUAs Heaven and Earth. This palette was £4! MUAs undressed highlighter is gooorgeous so I thought I'd give this a go! 

I really wanted to get a matte palette from Morphe but having splurged a fair bit already l opted to get Makeup Revolutions Matte palette. 

It has such a wide selection of colours, I'm gunna have so much fun playing with these!

I got myself another mascara, though I picked out the Brown one by mistake! :( This is Seventeens Falsifeye and it's not a bad mascara, just not a particularly great one either (imo)

 This is Collections Speedy Blush in Tickled Pink, its a lovely peachy pink shade and blends beautifully although its not THAT pigmented.  

After hearing Melanie Murphy recommend this I had to go and get it! Its Doves Dry Oil for mature hair. It claims to be restorative and while I don't think I'd go that far, it is definitely making a difference with my hair. 

I've been extreeemely pale all my life and have often dabbled in self tanning but every time I would end up looking like a wotsit! This is completely different, I'll have to post some before and after pictures. This gave me a natural golden streak-free tan that I've always dreamed of! It lasted for a week and did become slightly blotchy as it faded but it wasn't obvious. I really recommend this for any tan addicts out there!

This is also from Superdrugs and I haven't yet tried it but it smells wonderful! This is designed to help accelerate the tanning process and I will let you know if its any good!


I also got some bits from amazon, above is a 3D mascara from Royal Beauty. This does have a fair bit of fall out during the day but it dramatically lengthens my lashes!

I've had the Love Spell body spray from Victoria's Secret before and thought I'd give this one a go too. It does smell lovely but fades after a few minutes.

And of course I just had to get myself some perfume (I also ended up getting a bottle of Vera Wang's Princess and Paco Rabannes Olympea). 

This is definitely a summery smell and reminds me of fizzy sweets. Its very sweet and fruity but not overbearingly so and its still refreshing. It is a young scent but I would say its wearable for any age. Again though this does fade very fast :/

Thats everything! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're all well. I will do my utmost to post at least once a week! I love blogging and have felt so welcomed by the community!

Have a great week! Much love xxx

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