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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Revision, revision, revision! | Word heavy; be warned!

Hi all!

I'm really sorry its been so quiet on here this month! My exams are right around the corner and I've been focusing on revising (ahem well trying to). 

As I've been spending most of my time trying to get my brain to co-operate with me and study, I thought I'd share some revision tips with you :)

So number 1:

Try a timetable. 
This shouldn't be a strict and rigorous timetable, be lenient on yourself. Allow time for friends, family and even tv (or in my case youtube!). Cutting out time for yourself when studying is just going to make the whole experience worse. Do not overwork yourself. 

2. Take regular breaks.
Trying to study in 14 hour stints isn't good for anyone. Anyone else seen the episode of Inbetweeners when Will sits his exams?  Your brain and you need rest, have a break whenever you need one but maybe limit rest periods to 15/30mins. Just so you don't get too distracted!

3. Stay hydrated. 
There's been plenty of studies to show that the brain performs better when hydrated. So keep a glass of water nearby. 

4. Motivational snacks.
Granted most of my revision snacks are pretty unhealthy but I tell myself I can have a starburst every 2 pages and Ive found that it helps me; moderation is key. 

5. Procrastination is ok. 
But don't let it completely stop you from revising. 

6. If studying multiple subjects try revising each subject in a different room. 
This won't be possible for everyone but if it is, give it a go. It can really help to switch focus to different topics. I'd also recommend writing in different colours or using different coloured post-it notes. 

7. Mindmaps over notes. 
Instead of writing pages and pages of notes and getting hand cramp, maybe try mindmaps. They're easier to read and more visually pleasing.

8. Anagrams anyone?
If you can think of ones that work for you.

9. Background noise. 
A lot of people I know like to study in silence and lock themselves a way without any distractions. But I've found that having the tv on in the background and looking up every 5 minutes or so can make revision less demanding. 

10. Wear shoes.
This may seem strange but whenever I wear shoes in the house I'm unable to get fully comfortable. I guess because I feel like I'll be going out. I've found that it really helps put me in the mind frame to sit at my desk and get working. 

And above all else:

Do not leave everything til the last second!

If you work well under pressure then fair enough but I reaaaally don't xD 

If anyone else is sitting exams soon then I wish you the best of luck!! Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before (I've made the mistake of not plenty times and paid the price xD ) 

If you decide to try out any of my tips then let me know if they work for you. And feel free to share your own tips below. 


  1. You have an amazing blog! What you think of follow for follow?


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I had the exam yesterday, didn't go as well as I hoped but all I want is to pass so fingers crossed >.<

  3. Theses are good tips! Good luck! :D


    1. Thank you! :D your blog looks beautiful btw!

  4. Great tips and I loved the wear shoes one as I've never actually thought of that before ha,ha xx


    1. Haha its strange but it really helps me focus! xD You look so gorgeous in you latest outfit post xx