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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Going from Brunette to Blonde -- the non recommended way!

Hey guys!
I was blonde for about 4 years and recently went back to my natural brunette, I know going blonde can be a pretty arduous process (and it certainly was for me) so I thought I'd tell you about my blondey experience :)

So get comfy and grab yourself a drink.

I had been thinking about going blonde for years, being extreeemely pale I always thought blonde hair would suit me so much more than my dark hair. And eventually, having failed to pluck up the courage so many times I just did it on impulse. And I really do not recommend going about it the way I did!

First I used the Garnier Nutrisse pre lightener which turned my brunette hair into a dark copper, then used an ash blonde dye over the top. I was left looking pretty damn orange, It seemed apparent that my natural colour had quite the red undertone -_-

I dyed my hair 2 more times that same day and managed to get to an orangey yellow colour.
From then it was a slow, drawn out process of gallons of Touch of Silver shampoo, white toners and many, many ash blonde dyes. And yes finaaally my hair lost all of the brassiness!

I began using Live XXL Absolute Platinum to cover my roots every 6 weeks or so, to be honest I didn't really use any special nourishing hair treatments - the only thing I used was Aloe Vera oil.
And, annoyingly, my hair seemed in much better condition when it was blonde! xD

I made the decision to go back brunette for many reasons but mostly my blonde hair was beginning to get too white for me and I did fancy a change. I will do another post on how I got my hair back to brunette as well as how I care for my hair now.

If you're thinking about going blonde then I recommend to do so slowly, please do not rush the process and make sure to use plenty of nourishing treatments.

I definitely miss my blonde hair and will go back to blonde some day (when I do, I think I'll just go to a salon!). Right now I'm just trying to give my hair a much needed break and take care of it as best I can! :)

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